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should be able to customize button text in edoclite


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      If you change the button text of "return to previous", the button will no longer work since the button text is submitted to see what button was pressed. An example of a solution is to change the <submit> html element to a <button type="submit" html element where the value submitted can be different than the text shown on the screen.

      Note, as a workaround, you could try doing this in jquery until a proper solution is in place:

      <script type="text/javascript" src="../scripts/jquery.js" />

      function submitReturnToPrevious()

      { buttonClick('ReturnToPrevious'); var edocliteForm = document.getElementById('edoclite'); //for some reason, letting this happen onsubmit submits the form anyway... return validateOnSubmit(edocliteForm); }


      { //get the button var submitButton = $("input[name=userAction][value='return to previous']"); //add the button we want, after it (one line, don't let it wrap) submitButton.after('<button type="submit" name="userAction" value="return to previous" onclick="return submitReturnToPrevious()" style="font-family: Verdana,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif; font-size:100%; padding:1px 3px;">apply</button>'); //remove the original button submitButton.remove(); }



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