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clear GlobalVariables after request is processed


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      The KualiRequestProcessor calls GlobalVariables.setUserSession(..) and clears the rest of the variables. The point where these appear to be unset is in KualiHttpSessionListener.sessionDestroyed(..). This can cause a leak of data between users if GlobalVariables is used anywhere other than below the KualiRequestProcessor (for example, accessing /portal.jsp, a DWR service, etc.)

      Example: User A is logged in, and access a Struts action on request processing thread 1. User B comes along, logs in, and has GlobalVariables established on request processing thread 2. User B's page calls a DWR service; servlet engine uses request processing thread 1 to handle call. DWR service calls GlobalVariables.getUserSession() which returns user A.

      I would recommend the following change of code, or alternatively deciding that GlobalVariables should only be used in Struts actions and updating the Javadoc respectively.

      public void process(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws IOException, ServletException {
          try {
      ... existing code in process(..)
          } finally {


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