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Change to Role membership from the Role document causes the affected enroute document to re-queue, while role membership changes from person doc does not


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      While working on some role membership changes we noticed that, if a role member ship is modified from the RoleDocument, it does re-queue the documents which are currently enroute. However, if we were to add a person to a role from the PersonDocument it does not re-queue the documents which are enroute.

      Looking into the code it seams like saving the person document calls UiDocumentServiceImpl.saveEntityPerson which saves all the business objects but does not re-queue the document. On the other hand, saving the Role Document calls UiDocumentServiceImpl.saveRole which has a call to KIMServiceLocator.getResponsibilityInternalService().updateActionRequestsForResponsibilityChange which in turn calls the requeueDocument.


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