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KimRoleTypeService (if configured) should get to decide how to handle null qualifier match


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      Currently, if a null qualifier is passed in for an authZ check for a role of a specific type, all role members are matched and returned. We need this to be customizable by type. So, RoleTypeService (if applicable) should get to decide how a null qualifier match should be handled.

      Here is the relevant piece of code from RoleServiceImpl:

      protected List<RoleMembershipInfo> getRoleMembers(List<String> roleIds, AttributeSet qualification, boolean followDelegations, Set<String> foundRoleTypeMembers ) {
      // if the qualification check does not need to be made, just add the result
      if ( (qualification == null || qualification.isEmpty()) || getRoleTypeService( rm.getRoleId() ) == null )

      { .................. }


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