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Dictionary Validation Service does not handle lists of primitives


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      Kuali student DTO's often have lists of primitives... often lists of IDs or Keys for example

      private List<String> campusCalendarKeys;

      It is not clear how to code their validation in the dictionary.
      (A) I have tried simply coding them as simple AttributeDefinitions but...
      but (1) I get a custom.error whenever I try to validate anything except null, (including an empty list)
      and (2) there is no place to apply the minOccurs/maxOccurs

      (B) I have tried coding them as CollectionDefinitons but
      (1) I don't now what to put in the dataObjectClass? I tried leaving it blank and I have tried "java.lang.String"
      (2) I can code the minOccurs/maxOccurs but they are not checked.
      for example I put in min=1 and max=2 and all passed but I would would expect the following:
      null = passes but should error
      empty list = passes but should error
      list of 1 = pass ok
      list of 2 = pass ok
      list of 3 = passes but should error
      (3) how/where do I code detailed validations such as validchars, min/max length, min/max values of the string?

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          Will Gomes (Inactive) added a comment -

          B1 & B2 should work, not sure about B3

          Will Gomes (Inactive) added a comment - B1 & B2 should work, not sure about B3


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