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KRAD application header/controls - persistence on page


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      KRAD/KS application header/controls - persistence on the page

      In the current design, the KRAD/KS application header/controls includes the page/branding area, "Kuali Portal Index", provide feedback link, greyed-out info line "Rice sample app ... Oracle 9i" (is this needed, in the customer version?), the "Main Menu" and "Administration" tabs, the "Action List" and "Doc Search" links, and the log-in info fields and buttons. These are universal across all pages - this is conceptually the application header/controls area.

      Similarly, there is currently a footer area that has only the copyright and acknowledgements, but in some web-apps includes navigation links to other parts of the app (the left nav contents depend on the current task, the bottom nav contents do not).

      Let's consider the trade-offs in making these areas persistent in the view, not scrolling off the page when user scrolls down or up through long form. They take up real estate, so there are reasons not to persist these areas in the view. As long as they persist at the top and bottom of each page, not vary across pages, that may be sufficient.

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