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      2.5.0-m2 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m2 Sprint 3, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 2, 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 1, UXI 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 2, UXI 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 1, Core 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 2b
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      Required for WCAG 2.0 Level A (Must have): Adaptable Content criteria 1.3.3 - Sensory characteristics: redundant coding - meaning isn't conveyed solely by one type of sensory characteristic, such as visual (size, shape, location, orientation) or sound - meaning can be programmatically determined

      1. Expand/collapse notation: The alt text for the expand/collapse manipulable target symbol is backward, says "expand graphic list" when the list is already expanded, says "collapse graphic list" when the list is already collapsed. Instead, the alt text should say what action selecting the graphic will result in: should say "expand list" when the list is collapsed and selecting the target will expand it, should say "collapse list" when the list is expanded and selecting the target will collapse it.

      2. Visual symbols & focus order: JAWS speaks a "heading level 3 link graphic expand" as a focus item. But there is no visible expand symbol/target. The symbol should be visible or the items should not be included in the focus order. For example, see the maintenance pages.

      3. Improper use of heading tags: The expand/collapse graphic should not be coded as a heading, redundantly with the heading that follows it (is next to it visually) in the focus order. One alternative is to include the particular heading text (e.g., "Fiscal Officer Accounts") with the expand/collapse symbol label text, which symbol gets focus, and then not include the (redundant) visible heading in the focus order. Also, the text for the real heading has the word "expand" as a prefix to it? Can we eliminate that?

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