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      2.5.0-m2 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m2 Sprint 3, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 2, 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 1, UXI 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 2, UXI 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 1, Core 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 2b
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      Required for WCAG 2.0 level A (Must have), Adaptable content criteria 1.3.1: Info & relationships: info, structure & relationships can be programmatically determined or are available in text.

      1. In the KNS L&F pages, if a cell in a table is blank, the screen reader skips it - it doesn't indicate that the cell is blank. Because the user has been told it is a table with x columns and y rows, but there are no column header and row header tags, this could create a problem in navigating. Can we populate all blank cells with a blank character/indicator or "(blank)", so it can be read? (This may be a bug - see travel account maintenance new and look at the 2nd column in the data created row.)

      2. There seems to be a blank focusable item/line appended after a field error message (after the "list end"), before moving to the next cell/row. This will be confusing to a non-sighted user, who may think it means that the next cell is blank. Recommend we eliminate this blank after error message lists.

      3. (lower priority) There shouldn't be a blank after the head-level 3s, for example, after "Travel Account (a2)" - it isn't visible and the way we are using blanks in other areas sets up the expectation to the non-sighted user that they are moving to a next section (not to the content under this H3).

      1. blank in travel acct maint new.tiff
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        Candace Soderston
      2. blank line read after H3 - travel acct inq.tiff
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        Candace Soderston
      3. field error msg list item 1 of 1.tiff
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        Candace Soderston

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