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      2.5.0-m2 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m2 Sprint 3, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 2, 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 1, UXI 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 2, UXI 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 1, Core 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 2b
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      1.In many locations in KNS and KS forms, there are multiple items in a single cell that are associated with an input field: the informational text, the input field itself, a lookup control, he constraint text, etc.
      1.a. When using the down-arrows to navigate through these tables, each of these items is a focusable element (so it is difficult for a user to perceive when they've moved out of the cell to the next cell). Explore how to better associate these items together (for example, using fieldsets & legends?) so that the grouping relationship is spoken. (1.a. See item #5 in KULRICE-5437. And
      1.b. And when using the tab key to navigate, only the input field is a focusable element, as is appropriate, but insufficient information is spoken. (1.b. repair is logged in KULRICE-5422)

      2. In the focus order, when there is an asterisk to denote a field is required, the asterisk is a separate focus item rather than being a prefix added to the field's label. It would be better if it were added as a prefix to the item text, rather than be 2 separate focus stops. It sounds like they are in separate cells, so may confuse the traversal order when a user is trying to remember which column they are in.

      3. The error text is read as a list item with 3 focus stops: "List of 1 items", "Description dash", "required". Recommend we have only 1 focus element, which is a composite we build: e.g., a standard prefix we add to error strings, something like "Error on 'field label': (followed by the error text)" Only in a page level or group level summary and only if there is more than 1 error would there also be a "list of x items" line.

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