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Simple & Event Notifications - Calendar picker converts military time to non-military time after an error in any of the date/time field


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      You can recreate this by deleting anything to do with the time. The calendar picker is picking up the non-military time that is displayed in the date/time box. When it's 1PM or later, the calendar picker switches the time from 13:01 to 1:01 and assumes it's AM. Or if I delete part of the time, it assumes what's left is the hour and then appends the actual present minute time. (If it's 1:05 pm, and I delete the 0:, after I get the error, I use the calendar picker and the time appears as 15:05 (or 3:05 PM in the display).

      When the calendar picker is used after an error, the displayed time should be converted to military time for the calendar picker.


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