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Add documentation on "Integrating KIM with other IDM services" to the KIM technical docs


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      This is currently a pretty big hole in our existing KIM technical docs that we need to fill. There are various strategies here, including but not limited to:

      1) Straight overriding of the different KIM services
      2) Population of the KIM database tables via some sort of ETL process
      3) A hybrid of these two

      It would probably be good to include examples of this If we could show integrating with LDAP that would be really super. Also showing how to integrate with authentication services would also be good (like CAS, Shiboleth, etc.). A general example of how to override services is probably also in order. We already have descriptions in there of the different services, but we should discuss the fact that it should be possible to override the services individually since they should be independent (from a database perspective) of each other.

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