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Come up with a way to "auto-generate" documentation on our various configuration parameters


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      Rice Core


      It's really tedious to have to manually maintain these every release. It would be great if we could come up with a way to generate documentation for these.

      Some quick ideas i thought of:

      1) Document them well as part of the javadocs and point our release documentation to the relevant sections of the javadoc
      2) Move all of the configuration parameters to constants files (most already are) and add annotations to them for the description of what they are
      3) Javadoc as in number 1 but generate custom documentation from them using the javadoc tool

      I kind of like option 3 the best, because then we can have them documented in the javadoc as well as included a more configuration parameter focussed documentation for our end-user technical docs
      (that way they don't have to scour the javadocs to find it)

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