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      2.5.0-m2 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m2 Sprint 3, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 1, 2.5.0-m3 Sprint 2, 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 1, UXI 2.5.0-m4 Sprint 2, UXI 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 1, Core 2.5.0-m5 Sprint 2b
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      Required for WCAG 2.0 Level A (must haves):
      – 2.4.1 - Provide a way to bypass blocks of content that are repeated on multiple pages.

      On all pages (including the portal):
      Missing a skip-to-main-content link. Provide an invisible link that comes right after the Kuali portal branding in the HTML, with alt text="Jump to main content" so that on all Kuali pages the non-sighted user doesn't have to listen to all the header information that is common on all pages before hearing the content of the page. See example snippet below. See

      Currently, the branding for the page name is spoken first "Kuali portal index", the link "Provide Feedback" is spoken next, then the greyed out text "Rice sample app ....." (reads long string). Then the Main Menu and Administration tabs are spoken, then the action list and doc search buttons, then the logged-in user info, the entry field, and the login and logout buttons. Then the focus moves into the page content area. This is very slow for non-sighted users - the standard is to include an invisible link (positioned off-screen) to skip to the main content.

      Code snippet example follows.
      <div id="accessibility" class="offScreen">
      <a href="#nav">Jump to Navigation</a> |
      <a href="#main-content">Jump to Main Content</a>


      { position:absolute; left:-10000px; top:auto; width:1px; height:1px; overflow:hidden; }


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