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Document Search Results open in a new window regardless of the system parameter (DOCUMENT_SEARCH_POPUP_IND) value


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.0.0-rc2, 2.0
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      KNS, KRAD
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      ActionList and DocumentSearch both use System parameter values to decide if a link should open in a new window or not. While ActionList behaves as expected (System parameter ACTION_LIST_DOCUMENT_POPUP_IND value drives this behavior), document search does not.

      DocumentSearchCriteriaBoLookupableHelperService.generateDocumentHandlerUrl method generates the link url and it uses the following piece of code to decide the target window behavior.

      if (isDocumentHandlerPopup()) {

      The target is set only when the system parameter maps to a true value. However, KualiLookup.jsp overrides this behavior with this if/else logic.

      <c:when test="${empty column.columnAnchor.target}"><c:set var="anchorTarget" value="_blank" /></c:when>
      <c:otherwise><c:set var="anchorTarget" value="${column.columnAnchor.target}" /></c:otherwise>

      So, in cases where apps have overridden the DOCUMENT_SEARCH_POPUP_IND parameter to have a false value, DocumentSearchCriteriaBoLookupableHelperService won't set the anchor target and the KualiLookup.jsp will default that to open in a new window.

      Since KualiLookup.jsp is common across all lookups and this maybe the default behavior we want for BO lookups, it would help to replace DocumentSearchCriteriaBoLookupableHelperService code to

      if (isDocumentHandlerPopup()) {
      } else {


        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment -

        Closing since these items are now in the release notes.

        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment - Closing since these items are now in the release notes.


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