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Javascript on document.ready or equivalent for KRAD (sub) Pages, like the Agenda Rule Editor Page.


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      In order to disable buttons on page load for the Rule Editor UI a hook for javascript to run when a KRAD Page has loaded is needed. To illustrate desired behavior:

      Add alert("document.ready"); after jq(document).ready(function() { in disableButtons.js Go to the Agenda Lookup see the alert. Edit any rule, notice no alert. Click the refresh on the Rule Edit page (on the Proposition button bar), notice alert. Ideally the alert would trigger on the Rule Edit page load without having to click the refresh button.

      Currently a work around is in place that if the user clicks a disabled button (that is not disabled on the UI) then the disabledButtons script is triggered and disabled buttons are then displayed as disabled on the Rule Edit UI.

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