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Required field getting removed on collection refresh


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      I have a TableCollectionSection with 10 InputFields. Most of the fields are not required, and one of these fields, for whatever reason makes it special, is experiencing some odd behavior. For items in the collection (class Holiday) there is a lone action button, 'delete'. When this button is pressed, the record is removed from the database and then removed from the form's List<Holiday> property, like so:


      and for some bizarro reason, when the UI makes the item disappear from the page, that one special field is blanked out on the row directly beneath the deleted one. There are 5 other controls which are also not required, but they are not being blanked out. This field is a DateControl but I've changed it to a TextControl and I get the same behavior. I've also moved the field around and that doesn't change anything.

      Here is the field definition, way stripped down but still causing the weird problem:

      <bean parent="Uif-InputField" p:propertyName="endDate">
      <property name="control">
      <bean parent="Uif-DateControl" />

      And here's some more weirdness for you: if I add the property readOnly="@

      {#lp.dateRange eq false}

      ", so in this case it's readonly=true because 'dateRange' is unchecked, that takes away the odd behavior. However, it adds new odd behavior which I'm not going to throw in here, but I have to pick between one bad behavior or the other.


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