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Onclick script not getting associated with correct control ids for checkbox


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      When using a checkbox control instead of a text control and configuring onclick script, the id selector doesn't come out correct. Note the specific ids have changed in 2.2.

      Add a sample to configuration test view for verifying this functionality.

      Here's the whole <span> created for the checkbox which fails:

      <span id="u507_line0_attribute_span" class="uif-field uif-inputField">
      <input id="u507_line0_attribute" class="uif-control uif-checkboxControl valid"
      type="checkbox" value="true" tabindex="0" name="holidays[0].instructional"
      <input type="hidden" value="on" name="_holidays[0].instructional">
      <input type="hidden" value="jq('#' + 'u507_line0').click(function(e)

      { alert('click'); });" script="first_run">
      <span id="u507_line0_attribute_markers"></span>
      <span id="u507_line0_attribute_info_message"></span>

      The jq selector is looking for element id 'u507_line0' which doesn't exist; it should have been looking for the visible element 'u507_line0_attribute'. (why 'attribute'?). Here's what gets generated for a TextControl which works:

      <span id="u324_add_attribute_span" class="uif-field uif-inputField">
      <input id="u324_add" class="uif-control uif-textControl KS-HolidayCalendar-HolidaySection-addField validChar-newCollectionLines['holidays'].startTime0 valid"
      type="text" size="4" value="" tabindex="0"
      placeholder="hh:mm " aria-invalid="false">
      <input class="ignoreValid" type="hidden"
      value="createWatermark('u324_add', "hh:mm ");"
      <input class="ignoreValid"
      type="hidden" value="jq('#' + 'u324_add').click(function(e) { alert('click'); }

      );" script="first_run">
      <span id="u324_add_attribute_markers"></span>
      <span id="u324_add_attribute_info_message"></span>

      Here the jq selector is 'u324_add' which is the id for the visible input field. I assume the DropdownControl and maybe some others have the same problem as the CheckboxControl.

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