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      The multi-value lookup return selected button is not working correctly. In Chrome, it doesn't even post the form when selected. The same script calls are on the button as in 2.0 (where it works). Also, a strange thing is when I debug through the statements the form is submitted. I wondering if it is some sort of timing issue with the lightbox close.

      To reproduce, go to the Sample Travel Application - KNS L&F channel (KRAD tab) and select Travel Account Maintenance (Edit). Then in the Fiscal Officer Accounts section, click the link Lookup/Add Multiple Lines.

      Next do a search, and select a couple of rows. Finally, click the 'returned selected' button. At this point, the lookup form (contained in the lightbox iframe) should be submitted the the method returnSelected on LookupController invoked. This is not happening in chrome, the lightbox just closes without the form being submitted.

      A working example can be found in the 2.0 environment (same view):

      Once the returnedSelected method is invoked, it should do a redirect back to the main view and calling the controller method 'refresh'. This will add the selected lines to the collection.

      After fixing in Chrome please check Firefox and IE as well.

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          Duplicate of KULRICE-7265

          Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment - Duplicate of KULRICE-7265


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