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UI Framework - CSS class hierarchy - support for multiple themes -cleanup


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      1) Styles should be defined in the theme "branches", not in the bean/class' parent/base "root" that then applies across all themes. KRAD support for themes (and supply of at least 2 that applications can choose from/inherit) is important, demonstrating how easy it is for applications and institutions to customize through KRAD.

      For example, in 2.2, the KNS L&F has inherited various font and other visual treatments from the KS L&F specs, whereas in 2.0, these were at the theme level (respecting the KNS L&F choices). These should be corrected to use the KNS L&F or the KS L&F, as appropriate, depending on the selected theme.

      2) Both themes should use px for margins and padding, but not for fonts (use ems or % for fonts). There are several elements that have been changed in 2.2 to use px for fonts. These should be corrected (for example, in all headings for both themes).

      3) Both themes should include a fall-back list of font families for every element (there should be no element that lists only one font family. For example, list "Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif" or "Times New Roman, Georgia, serif" instead of "Helvetica" or "Times New Roman". Without a fall-back list, there can be problems with font size inheritance when people use some methods to enlarge font sizing.

      See attachment for example where we have only one font defined for H2s in the portal, whereas all the other UI text elements include a fall-back list.


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