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      Currently the dialog groups are configured in a list on the view and rendered after the view is rendered. We want to have options or the rendering of these so each one is not rendered every time (some could be invoked by the server in certain situations).

      This is roughly the plan:

      Dialog Render:

      1) From Server

      2) Client Dom

      3) Client Ajax

      Add an option to DialogGroup named invocationMode that defaults to server. Can be changed to dom or ajax.

      We will need to add something to the end of the view template that iterates through the dialogGroups and writes those that are marked as client dom or client ajax. For the dom option the group would then be hidden. For ajax just the wrapper is needed. Take a look at template.tag and how it handles progressiveDisclosure. We might be able to let the template.tag handle it for us and by setting the progress properties.

      We could write the invocation mode as a data attribute, and other information needed for retrieving the group as data attributes. Then in showLightboxComponent we need to check whether the group is marked for ajax, and if so retrieve the contents before displaying in the lightbox.

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