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      Right now there is no way to easily display a List/Array of strings to the user (without using a wrapping object and collection components).

      Add a new control that allows display lists of strings in 1 of 3 options (we may want to split this into multiple controls instead of options of 1 control):
      Comma seperated
      Line break between items
      As unordered or ordered list

      This control would be the automatic choice for fields whose property path point to a list of string for readOnly content.

      Possibly include a default for this type when NOT readOnly (as a seperate control - some kind of freeform string list entry, this needs research).

      In many cases, List<String> has a set of input for the non-readOnly case (examples being checkbox and multiselect - these both must be backed by List<String>).

      To reiterate: jira is for easy List<String> readOnly display control (and IN ADDITION, another control that allows freeform string list content). readOnly control is higher priority, but both should be supported.

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