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applyDefaultCellWidths property on table layout manager is not working properly


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2
    • Fix Version/s: 2.2.0-rc1, 2.2
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      I'm having trouble getting rid of a default cell width. I have a collection with a subcollection and the datafield within the collection is being given a 50% cell width, while the cell containing the subcollection data is being given a 100% width. I tried setting a property for applyDefaultCellWidths and layoutManager.applyDefaultCellWidths (both to false) but both did not work. My xml is below. Additionally, I used the auto width for the datafield cell, which for my situation worked OK. The cell containing the sub collection still has a 100% width, but its not effecting the layout.

      <bean id="academicYearCollection" parent="Uif-StackedCollectionGroup">
              <property name="collectionObjectClass" value="org.kuali.student.myplan.plan.dataobject.FullPlanItemsDataObject"/>
              <property name="propertyName" value="searchResults"/>
              <property name="renderAddLine" value="false"/>
              <property name="renderLineActions" value="false"/>
              <property name="items">
                      <bean parent="Uif-DataField" p:propertyName="yearRange" p:labelField.render="false"/>
              <property name="subCollections">
                      <ref bean="termsCollection"/>


        Sona Sona (Inactive) added a comment -

        Hi Garret,
        You should be able to get the above working as expected if you set the these two properties :

            <property name="layoutManager.lineGroupPrototype.layoutManager.numberOfColumns" value="1"/>
            <property name="layoutManager.lineGroupPrototype.layoutManager.applyDefaultCellWidths" value="false"/>
        Sona Sona (Inactive) added a comment - Hi Garret, You should be able to get the above working as expected if you set the these two properties : <property name= "layoutManager.lineGroupPrototype.layoutManager.numberOfColumns" value= "1" /> <property name= "layoutManager.lineGroupPrototype.layoutManager.applyDefaultCellWidths" value= " false " />


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