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      Remaining cleanup items:

      • Need AjaxReturnType on Action component and pass through on actionHandler
      • Remove renderFullView, not needed since we can look at the returnType
      • Rename handleIncidentReport to checkForIncidentReport and cleanup code
      • Remove old ajax code not needed anymore (like updatePageCallback)
      • retrieveComponent has duplicate code with updateComponentHandler
      • Make sure optional parameters are at end of ajax methods and documented as optional on the param tag
      • Redo navigation action links so they don't call handleActionLink but use the standard ajax submit (passing navigateToPageId as submitdata)
      • add constants in krad.variables.js for return types (like "update-page")

      In UifDocumentDefinitions.xml, see if we can change:

      <bean parent="Uif-PrimaryActionButton-Small" p:methodToCall="downloadAttachment"
      p:actionLabel="download attachment" p:title="download attachment"
      p:onClickScript="writeHiddenToForm("skipViewInit", "true");writeHiddenToForm("renderFullView", "false");writeHiddenToForm("unblockUIOnLoading", "true");writeHiddenToForm("actionParameters[selectedLineIndex]", "@



      to use dataAttributes for the hiddens (besides the one actionParameters which can write the property directly)

      p:dataAttributes="skipViewInit:true, ..."

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