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Come up with a method for generating documentation about our XML document structure (XSD schema)


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      This one will be a bit more challenging

      We have a few files in the project which end in ".xsd". These are the XML schema definition files for the workflow XML. What I want you to do is document these schema files. However, I don't really want to do this manually. I would rather use a tool to generate this documentation and then add the appropriate <xs:annotation> and <xs:documentation> to those schema files.

      Here's a product that I was looking at for this which is free:


      Feel free to do some more research if you would like to try and find some other options (must be free

      If you could do some investigation into this and see how to run it and set it up that would be great. When you are ready to process the schemas, they are in the workflow project under


      If you don't have workflow checked out currently (can't remember if you do) let me know and I'll help you get it checked out.


        Eric Westfall added a comment -

        This program didn't end up panning out.

        Eric Westfall added a comment - This program didn't end up panning out.


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