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      The backdor message, for example "Backdoor is in use. User bh79 standing in for rmy1." is missing from EDocLIte screens.

      There is a "footer" section where this information would be build in the widgets.xml, however the "//documentState/userSession" elements are never put into the dom in the WorkflowDocumentState class. This could be fixed with a method like the following that got called in WorkflowDocumentState.updateDOM():

      public static void addUserSession(Document dom, Element documentState) {
      UserSession userSession = UserSession.getAuthenticatedUser();
      Element userSessionElement = EDLXmlUtils.getOrCreateChildElement(documentState, "userSession", true);

      Element loggedInUser = EDLXmlUtils.getOrCreateChildElement(userSessionElement, "loggedInUser", true);
      WorkflowUser loggedInWorkflowUser = userSession.getLoggedInWorkflowUser();

      EDLXmlUtils.createTextElementOnParent(loggedInUser, "displayName", loggedInWorkflowUser.getDisplayName());
      EDLXmlUtils.createTextElementOnParent(loggedInUser, "networkId", loggedInWorkflowUser.getWorkflowId());

      if (userSession.isBackdoorInUse())

      { Element backdoorUser = EDLXmlUtils.getOrCreateChildElement(userSessionElement, "backdoorUser", true); WorkflowUser backdoorWorkflowUser = userSession.getWorkflowUser(); EDLXmlUtils.createTextElementOnParent(backdoorUser, "backdoorDisplayName", backdoorWorkflowUser.getDisplayName()); EDLXmlUtils.createTextElementOnParent(backdoorUser, "backdoorNetworkId", backdoorWorkflowUser.getWorkflowId()); }



        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment -

        no longer relevant, should be addressed by KRAD app header (KULRICE-10390)

        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment - no longer relevant, should be addressed by KRAD app header ( KULRICE-10390 )


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