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Expressions not being evaluated for components in a dialog group


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      We've expressions and Uif-DataField defined at the dialog and it looks like it's not evaluating those before showing the dialog. For the below sample, we''re setting form properties (courseOffering and count) before calling the showDialog() from the controller method but the form properties not getting displayed. Any limitations using DialogGroup or is it a bug?

      <bean id="schedulingConfirmDialog-Group" parent="Uif-DialogGroup">
      <property name="hidden" value="true"/>
      <property name="headerText" value="Mark as Ready for Scheduling"/>
      <property name="promptText" value=""/>
      <property name="items">
      <bean parent="Uif-DataField" p:label="Course Offerings" p:propertyName="courseOffering" p:fieldLabel.style="font-weight:bold;"/>
      <bean parent="Uif-MessageField" p:label="Activity Offerings" p:messageText="All contained in the course offerings (@


      )" p:fieldLabel.style="font-weight:bold;"/>

      Our controller method (just snippet here) looks like

      public ModelAndView selectedCOActions(....){
      if (!hasDialogBeenAnswered("schedulingConfirmDialog", form))

      { form.setCourseOffering("something here") form.setCount(2); return showDialog("schedulingConfirmDialog", theForm, request, response); }


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          moving m4 criticals and blockers to rc1

          Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment - moving m4 criticals and blockers to rc1


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