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      I have an input field which defines properties inquiry.dataObjectClassName
      and inquiry.viewName. When I click on the Direct Inquiry image button (the
      open book) however, the view shown is the view that does not have a viewName
      property. I'm trying to point it at a second inquiry view. Here is (what I
      think is) the relevant configuration, where the middle bean is being used
      for the inquiry view instead of the last one:

      <bean parent="Uif-InputField">
          <property name="propertyName" value="stringField1"/>
          <property name="defaultValue" value="19974"/>
          <property name="inquiry.dataObjectClassName"
                    value="org.kuali.student.enrollment.acal.dto.TermInfo" />
          <property name="inquiry.viewName"
          <property name="inquiry.inquiryParameters" value="stringField1:id"/>
      <bean id="KS-AcademicTerm-InquiryView" parent="Uif-InquiryView">
          <property name="dataObjectClassName"
                    value="org.kuali.student.enrollment.acal.dto.TermInfo" />
          <property name="viewHelperServiceClass"
                    value="...AcademicTermInfoInquirableImpl" />
          <property name="Items">
      <bean id="KS-KitchenSink-TermInfo-InquiryView-Base"
          <property name="dataObjectClassName"
                    value="org.kuali.student.enrollment.acal.dto.TermInfo" />
          <property name="viewName" value="KS-KitchenSink-TermInfo-InquiryView"/>
          <property name="viewHelperServiceClass"
                    value="...AcademicTermInfoInquirableImpl" />
          <property name="items">

      If I give the first inquiry view bean a unique "viewName" property, the
      direct inquiry attempts throws a java.lang.NullPointerException at
      . That makes me think the direct inquiry property inquiry.viewName is not
      being used...


        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment -

        Since these were fixed on the trunk, they are 2.3.

        Jessica Coltrin (Inactive) added a comment - Since these were fixed on the trunk, they are 2.3.


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