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Make it so that you can add link text to the question framework


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      Right now you can pass text to a url for the question framework. When adding links however, this would cause issues if we allowed it to be passed via URL because of the potential for XSS. See the following conversation below for a suggested fix to allow this ability to be added to question framework:

      From: Smith, James K.
      Sent: Monday, December 19, 2011 9:36 AM
      To: Warren Liang
      Cc: Jonathan Keller; Westfall, Eric Curtis; Bennett III, James William; Stapleton, Heather J
      Subject: Re: FW: security question

      That makes sense to me. Thanks Warren!

      On 12/18/2011 7:42 PM, Warren Liang wrote:
      Hey James,

      You are probably right about concurrency issues w/ the automatic removal. Here's another idea,
      add the String with the UserSession.addObject() object, which will return a unique "object key"
      every time something's added. Then you won't have to bother making the SHA hash.

      On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 7:20 AM, James Smith wrote:
      Would this raise concurrency issues? Let's say a user is doing similar documents in two different
      tabs of their browser, hitting the same question screen - first in one tab, then in the next. In that
      case...well, the String would have to be held in either a ThreadLocal Map (in which case, I begin
      to wonder if we need a map at all); or the hash could have a timestamp as part of what it hashed
      so every key is basically guaranteed to be unique; or...well, that's why I was suggesting that
      question texts get evicted if it isn't used for a "reasonable" period of time... Even if the question
      text was put in a session with a hash as a key, this would be a problem; you'd need to generate a
      unique guid I'm guessing. Anyway: guess my idea still has problems!

      On 12/15/2011 4:48 PM, Warren Liang wrote:
      I like the solution.

      If fixes a second (and I think more important than XSS) issue: that of text injection. If you're
      worried about the map becoming too large, you can just remove the map entry once it's been

      On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 1:00 PM, Smith, James K. wrote:
      Hi all. Ailish, Heather, and I just had a meeting where we were discussing the question text
      security issue. UA had run into an issue with this earlier while I was consulting so I had thought
      of a solution (but they didn�t have time to implement); Ailish liked it though and she wanted me
      to share.

      First, Jonathan is correct in that at some point, questions may just be lightboxes and this whole
      stupid problem would just go away. Yay! For the time being though, we looked at some pre
      rules and Jonathan�s solution won�t work: we can�t pass property names because some question
      texts come from properties, some from parameters, and in my (and UA�s!) favorite: from the
      VendorType BO. So we can�t pass around a property name and have that work.

      My solution was that the pre rules would interpolate the text and pass that to, say,
      askOrAnalyzeYesNoQuestion. askOrAnalyzeYesNoQuestion would NOT simply pass the text
      on as a parameter. Instead, it would find, say, the SHA hash of the message and then go to a
      special map in GlobalVariables where it would put the question text as the value with the hash as
      the key. Then it would pass the hash as a parameter. When the question displayed, it would take
      the hash, go back to GlobalVariables, retrieve the actual question text and then display it. I had
      concerns about growth of that question text Map over time but certainly it could be a special map
      which evicted entries after a certain reasonable period of time.

      Does this seem like an amenable solution?



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