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Build test case of attribute query and custom method


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      Report from user group:

      In the following config, the helper method "termInfoAjaxQuery" is called but the value in the input field, property "stringField3", is not passed into the method as desired. Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? Rice version is 2.2.0-M4.

      <bean parent="Uif-InputField-LabelTop">
      <property name="label" value="Ajax Field Query"/>
      <property name="instructionalText"
      value="Displays additional Term info from an ajax call (tab out of field)"/>
      <property name="propertyName" value="stringField3"/>
      <property name="defaultValue" value="20001"/>
      <property name="propertyNamesForAdditionalDisplay" value="stringField4" />
      <property name="attributeQuery">
      <bean parent="Uif-AttributeQueryConfig">
      <property name="queryMethodToCall" value="termInfoAjaxQuery"/>
      <property name="queryMethodArgumentFieldList" value="stringField3"/>
      <property name="returnFieldMapping" value="name:stringField4"/>

      Note in the configuration test view there are several examples of suggest widget using custom methods. We can possibly reuse some of these methods or classes for building a test on attribute query.

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