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Collection table starts not displaying after returning from a controller called dialog.


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.0-m4
    • Fix Version/s: Backlog
    • Component/s: Development
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      Compiling under Jdk6u35 and running on tomcat 7 application server
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    • KRAD Feature Area:
      UIF Component
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      Not Required
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      Not Required


      Conditions: Encountered issue when adding dialog confirmation to a collection table. The collection uses Uif-Disclosure-TableCollectionSection and is on the second page of a multiple page view. The collection data is based on the selection from a drop down control on the page. The response to the dialog can be either affirmative or negative.

      Effects: When the dialog is displayed the page shown in the background does not display the collection table at all. When the dialog is returned w/ either yes or no the table displays correctly though no highlighting is present. When interacting with additional actions buttons like add, the page will change and the action preformed to the collection but the component will no longer be displayed in any way. If another action outside the table or refresh happens the table will display without highlighting.

      The table has a condition for rendering but the issue happens with the table set to always render as well.
      This effects other collection tables on the page in the same manner. If the confirmation is called on table 1 then button interactions in table 2 will cause table 2 to disappear but table 1 will still be shown. Attempted to to try different render options and refresh options on the table.
      Other objects will still display correctly.

      Example Bean xml files used have been attached. The controller code example:

      @RequestMapping(params = "methodToCall=deleteLineThroughDialog")
      public ModelAndView deleteLineWithDialog(@ModelAttribute("KualiForm") RegistrationWindowsManagementForm uifForm, @SuppressWarnings("unused") BindingResult result, @SuppressWarnings("unused") HttpServletRequest request, @SuppressWarnings("unused") HttpServletResponse response) {
                  String dialog = AppointmentConstants.Registration_Windows_ConfirmDelete_Dialog;
                  if (!hasDialogBeenDisplayed(dialog, uifForm)){
                      AppointmentWindowWrapper window = _getSelectedWindow(uifForm, "Delete a Window");
                      //redirect back to client to display lightbox
                      return showDialog(dialog,uifForm, request, response);
                  boolean confirmDelete=getBooleanDialogResponse(dialog,uifForm,request,response);
              }catch (Exception e){
                  return getUIFModelAndView(uifForm);
      1. RegistrationWindowsEditPage.xml
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        Cody Glover
      2. RegistrationWindowsManagementView.xml
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        Cody Glover
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          Larry Symms added a comment -

          was there a workaround put in place for this or was it resolved?

          Larry Symms added a comment - was there a workaround put in place for this or was it resolved?
          Cody Glover (Inactive) added a comment -

          Found in KSENROLL-952. KSENROLL-952 issue was resolved with a work around of using redirects to refresh the page between dialogs.

          Cody Glover (Inactive) added a comment - Found in KSENROLL-952 . KSENROLL-952 issue was resolved with a work around of using redirects to refresh the page between dialogs.


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