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removePrincipalFromRole and getRoleMemberPrincipalId methods very slow


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      removePrincipalFromRole and getRoleMemberPrincipalId methods perform poorly when there are about 85,000 members assigned to the role. Attaching simulated datasets for testing but this requires a KC application running because of the KIM_TYP_IDs and the attribute definition used in the dataset. Please let me know if you have trouble loading the data, a MySQL "source fileName" should do it. If you need a different format, please let me know.

      Using the test data set, a unit test to remove principals from a role with 85000 members took 11 seconds and the method getRoleMemberPrincipalId took about 1 minute. Higher execution times were observed while using actual data. Please look at the associated KCINFR-713 jira for the issue reported at IU and Eric's comment on the fix. The method assignPrincipalToRole may also require a similar fix since that is a potential place for performance enhancements also. Most of these issues with Role performance seem to be related to the RoleBo class which loads all the role members for the role. In some places, RoleBoLite has been used to improve performance but since these methods require the membership information, it might not be an option.

      1. _KimOjbSpringBeans_xml.patch
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      2. KCINFR-713.sql.gz
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      3. KCINFR-713-oracle.sql.gz
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      4. ProposalPermissionsAddUserToRoleTest.java
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      5. RoleDaoOjb.java
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