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      Brian S: we don't mark pages that have errors. we mark tabs, but not navigation tabs.

      If you're doing an Ajax submit, the page is sent to the server (the default). Only the fields on the page is validated b/c those are hte only ones that are rendered (in the DOM). If the view level is submitted, then the entire view is sent to the server.

      The client-side validation has the option validates the page, and then the controller has the option of doing a view validation. if there is a view validation error, a message can come back indicating that there is an error on the other page, but no indication of where it is, b/c those fields on the other page aren't renderd in the DOM. This error could arise when you leave a page that has a validation error, and then submit the view from another page.

      Navigating from page to page shows a dirty field indicator, but you can leave the page with invalid data, and data is not cleared (the data is still in the session). When a user navigates back to the page, no validation errors are shown, and the invalid data is still there.

      View Validation Service (a.k.a. server-side validation - useful to check that data sent from client is actually accurate, and not messed with via ajax; sort of a security check; also helps ensure that any required fields from other pages are saved.) - jira exists (submitted by Brian) to only validate the page so that you don't get errors on other pages.

      JIRA needed to address scenario when there are errors on other pages (if the controller called the view validation service before saving. currently no default on what the controller does (can save all view, just page, or part of page)). Brian believes Maintenance Docs just saves without doing a validation call.

      Current behavior when an "unmatched" field comes back it's something like "<propertyname>: required".


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