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Exception on validation message template during component refresh


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    • Fix Version/s: 2.3.0-m1, 2.3
    • Component/s: Development
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      Looks like if we refresh multiple fields on a field's value changes, it causes stacktrace (http://pastebin.com/x579AzU8). I guess it might be related to multiple ajax call at the same time but not exactly sure though. Please let me know if we need to create a jira for this issue.

      Here is the definition
      <bean id="KS-Catalog-AddFormatOffering" parent="Uif-HorizontalBoxSection" p:render="@


      <property name="disclosure.render" value="false"/>
      <property name="items">
      <bean parent="Uif-InputField-LabelTop" p:propertyName="addLineFormatWrapper.formatId" p:required="true" p:label="FORMAT" p:forceSessionPersistence="true">
      <property name="control">
      <bean parent="Uif-DropdownControl">
      <property name="cssClasses">
      <list merge="true">
      <property name="optionsFinder">
      <bean class="org.kuali.student.enrollment.class2.courseoffering.keyvalue.FormatOfferingTypeForCreateCOTypeKeyValues" p:addBlankOption="false"/>

      <bean parent="Uif-InputField-LabelTop" p:propertyName="addLineFormatWrapper.gradeRosterLevelTypeKey" p:refreshWhenChangedPropertyNames="#dp.addLineFormatWrapper.formatId" p:forceSessionPersistence="true"
      p:label="GRADE ROSTER LEVEL" p:required="true" p:finalizeMethodToCall="populateGradeRosterLevelTypes">
      <property name="control">
      <bean parent="Uif-DropdownControl"/>
      <bean parent="Uif-InputField-LabelTop" p:propertyName="addLineFormatWrapper.finalExamLevelTypeKey" p:refreshWhenChangedPropertyNames="#dp.addLineFormatWrapper.formatId" p:forceSessionPersistence="true"
      p:label="FINAL EXAM DRIVER ACTIVITY" p:required="true" p:finalizeMethodToCall="populateFinalExamDriverTypes">
      <property name="control">
      <bean parent="Uif-DropdownControl"/>


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