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      UIF MVC
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      2.3.1 Sprint 2
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      The following method in the validator class makes multiple calls to getComponentsForLifecycle on the same object. Each call instantiates a large number of objects (due to the way that method is implemented). So minimizing the number of calls is very beneficial

      private void runValidationsOnLifecycle(Component component, ValidationTrace tracer)

      The below is a different implementation for that method which saves the result for each successive utilization.

      private void runValidationsOnLifecycle(Component component, ValidationTrace tracer) {
      List<Component> componentsForLifecycle = component.getComponentsForLifecycle();
      if (componentsForLifecycle == null)

      { return; }
      if (!doValidationOnUIFBean(component)) { return; }

      for (int j = 0; j < componentsForLifecycle.size(); j++) {
      Component temp = componentsForLifecycle.get(j);
      if (temp == null)

      { continue; }

      if (tracer.getValidationStage() == ValidationTrace.START_UP)

      { ExpressionUtils.populatePropertyExpressionsFromGraph(temp, false); }

      if (temp.isRender())

      { temp.completeValidation(tracer.getCopy()); runValidationsOnLifecycle(temp, tracer.getCopy()); }


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          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 25/Aug/13 11:38 PM
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            4 hours
            <No comment>
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 08/Sep/13 12:12 PM - edited
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours
            First pass at reducing object creation overhead related to ComponentBase.
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 09/Sep/13 1:01 AM
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours
            Work on implementing transactional caching of componentsForLifecycle
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 13/Sep/13 6:17 AM
          • Time Spent:
            1 hour
            Merged deferred initialization of collections work to rice-2.3 branch
          Mark Fyffe (Inactive) logged work - 15/Sep/13 9:30 AM
          • Time Spent:
            2 hours
            Caching review and troubleshooting, third pass at reducing object creation.


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