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      MessageServiceImpl's getDefaultLocaleCode method is highly used, and I don't think the value changes often. We've cached the output of this method in a local variable, but that's probably not a preferred solution.

      It seems like if some form of caching was implemented, that could save a bunch of work!
      I didn't see that spring + ehcache was enabled for krad, so that's why we didn't use the cacheable annotation instead.

      private String defaultLocaleCode;
      protected String getDefaultLocaleCode() {
      if(defaultLocaleCode != null)
      return defaultLocaleCode;
      String localeCode = CoreFrameworkServiceLocator.getParameterService().getParameterValueAsString(
      KRADConstants.KNS_NAMESPACE, KRADConstants.DetailTypes.ALL_DETAIL_TYPE,

      // if not configured fall back to english US
      if (StringUtils.isBlank(localeCode))

      { localeCode = "en-US"; }

      defaultLocaleCode = localeCode;
      return localeCode;

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