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Like to have a way to fetch all valid TermSpecifications for a context


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      It would be really useful for KC to have a new method in KrmsTermRepositoryService to fetch all TermSpecifications for a context. It will provide more flexibility for us to know the TermSpecificationDefinitions before hand and can build the facts using those term keys. One of the user requirement in KC is to create Terms by using Document properties. We can easily achieve this by using reflection if know the Terms while building the facts.
      I have done this work locally and tested in both Bundled and Embedded mode.
      Could you take a look at the patch and see if its appropriate to commit the fix form our side. If you have any other suggestions to get the TermSpecifications for context in any other ways, please suggest that too.

      1. KULRICE-9019.patch
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        Geo Thomas
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        Geo Thomas
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