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Implement concept of a "Conversation" managed by the framework, to support extended persistence contexts for lazy loading


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      In order to better support lazy loading of entities which are modified and read over multiple request-response cycles by the framework, we really need to implement the concept of a conversation which is started at the beginning of a maintenance document creation or edit, and cleaned up after the user is done working with the document.

      We need to do some analysis first on what the design for this will look like. Additionally, this will only be necessary for JPA implementations which don't allow lazy loading after the original entity manager is closed (i.e. Hibernate) so this could be an optional feature if we are just doing EclipseLink support.


        Claus Niesen added a comment -

        Need to determine first if we can support hibernate.

        Claus Niesen added a comment - Need to determine first if we can support hibernate.


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