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Reimplement cloning to use component clone method


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    • Affects Version/s: 2.2
    • Fix Version/s: 2.3.0-rc1, 2.3
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      UIF Component
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      POC work that compared copying with CloneUtils versus implementing a clone method on an object showed for 3175827 objects (which is equal to a large view) the difference in time is:

      Clone Utils Speed: 5074 ms
      Clone Speed: 883 ms

      This along with reducing cloning should eliminate this bottleneck.

      Make Component and LayoutManager interface extend Cloneable.

      In ComponentBase and LayoutManagerBase, implement the clone() method by:

      creating a new instance of the class this.getClass().newInstance()

      Call a new method copyProperties(Cloneable), return the object.

      Then for every component and layout manager copyProperties(Cloneable)needs to be implemented by first calling super.copyProperties, then copying all the properties in the subclass. This includes lists and maps. Note any nested components will need clone() called on them when copying the property value (including lists and map values), except those marked with @ReferenceCopy

      After this is in place, change ComponentUtils#copy to call the clone method instead of using CloneUtils.

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          Please make this task your priority.


          Jerry Neal (Inactive) added a comment - Matt, Please make this task your priority. thanks, Jerry


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