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Dialogs not correctly returning to controller method


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      Actually, I'm wrong, sorry. It behaves very same way....
      (just refreshed the page, so I didn't notice it's still there).

      So yeah, problem is there.

      On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 9:09 AM, Valeriya Gadiyak <vgadiyak@gmail.com> wrote:

      Hi Jerry,
      I did some more digging. It's really odd, but looks like the redirect (from UifControllerBase.returnFromLightbox) doesn't do a trick. redirectURL =
      however it doesn't care for "methodToCall".
      I override returnFromLightbox to "return getUIFModelAndView" instead of "return performRedirect" and it works perfectly fine.
      Any ideas why is that?


      So my main question (I guess ) is why it doesn't go to the controller after I click "Delete" for the dialog (like it does for other cases)?

      Thank you!

      On Thursday, May 23, 2013 10:56:06 AM UTC-4, vgad...@gmail.com wrote:

      I looked here if it was asked before, and it seems to be similar to https://groups.google.com/a/kuali.org/forum/?fromgroups#!searchin/rice.usergroup.krad/dialog/rice.usergroup.krad/KXAtqKeXEgQ/rfMMDL7TOmAJ

      When I'm trying to delete draft I'm sent to dialog, but when I hit "Delete" in a dialog I return back to the original page, and draft is still there. Now if I click "Delete Draft" again I don't have dialog anymore, BUT draft gets deleted. I did debug, and looks like when I click "Delete Draft" first it goes through dialog, but doesn't go back to the controller. When I click "Delete Draft" 2nd time hasDialogBeenDisplayed(dialog, academicCalendarForm) is already satisfied, so it just proceeds to the rest of the controller.

      I tried to debug other "delete" we have for ACAL, and it worked. The only difference was in UifControllerBase,showDialog my form is Ajax Request, while other is not.

      Any ideas?


      public ModelAndView deleteTerm(@ModelAttribute("KualiForm") AcademicCalendarForm academicCalendarForm, BindingResult result,
      HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) {

      String dialog = CalendarConstants.ACADEMIC_DELETE_CONFIRMATION_DIALOG;
      if (!hasDialogBeenDisplayed(dialog, academicCalendarForm))

      { //redirect back to client to display lightbox return showDialog(dialog, academicCalendarForm, request, response); }

      boolean confirmDelete = getBooleanDialogResponse(dialog, academicCalendarForm, request, response);

      { return getUIFModelAndView(academicCalendarForm); }

      } else

      { //redirect back to client to display lightbox return showDialog(dialog, academicCalendarForm, request, response); }


      int selectedLineIndex = KSControllerHelper.getSelectedCollectionLineIndex(academicCalendarForm);



      <property name="dialogs">
      <ref bean="KS-AcademicCalendar-ConfirmDelete-Dialog"/>
      <ref bean="KS-AcademicTerm-ConfirmDelete-Dialog"/>

      <bean id="KS-AcademicTerm-ConfirmDelete-Dialog" parent="Uif-DialogGroup" >
      <property name="renderHeader" value="false"/>
      <property name="promptText"
      value="Are you sure you want to delete the Academic Term?"/>
      <property name="availableResponses">
      <bean parent="Uif-KeyLabelPair" p:key="yes" p:value="Delete"/>
      <bean parent="Uif-KeyLabelPair" p:key="no" p:value="Cancel"/>


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