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Move deprecated data code and services to the rice-kns module


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      JPA Sprint 4
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      The idea here is that we can isolate as much of that deprecated code as possible to the KNS module (which is effectively a deprecated module). This will allow those who aren't using the legacy framework at all to completely exclude the kns module from their project.

      Note that in order to do this, we will likely want to rework the way we do LegacyDataAdapter by creating a legacy and non-legacy implementation of that which are in kns and krad module respectively. When running legacy, both would be loaded and delegated to appropriately.

      When not running the legacy framework, only the non-legacy one would be loaded and would always be delegated to.

      As a result, KRAD code should not be using any deprecated code with the exception of the LegacyDataAdapter.

      A few things to keep in mind here:

      1. The idea here would be to move all deprecated services and classes into the KNS module. This includes things like BusinessObjectService, PersistenceService, ObjectUtils, PersistableBusinessObjectBase, etc.
      2. In order to do this, we will need to take the current LegacyDataAdapterImpl and split it into two implementations, the legacy and non-legacy portions. We'll wire the non-legacy version up in KRAD and the legacy version up in KNS. We'll also have an implementation of it which knows how to determine whether or not the "legacy" version of the adapter is available (i.e. have they loaded the KNS? Check the GRL for the service) and then delegate appropriately. All-in-all, this will result in three separate implementations of the LegacyDataAdapter.
      3. Be sure not to change the package names of any of this stuff to avoid breaking compatibility. This means that we will end up with some stuff under an org.kuali.rice.krad package inside of the kns module.
      4. We'll need to be sure to move any of those services out of the spring files for KRAD and into the spring files for KNS. Either that, or create some sort of special spring file that isolates all of the old stuff from the rest of the system, but still is loaded via KRADConfigurer. I think the former makes more sense though if possible.
      5. Our big challenge is going to be dealing with PersistableBusinessObjectBase since it is deprecated but is the parent class for a number of our non-deprecated classes (our various KRAD-internal BO's). We need to come up with a strategy for how best to handle this.


        Allen Fox (Inactive) added a comment -

        All complete except moving PBO and related deprecated entities

        Allen Fox (Inactive) added a comment - All complete except moving PBO and related deprecated entities


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