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Save button doesn’t enable when last field of line is changed


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      UIF Component
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      On the collection configuration test view, save row page: http://env1.rice.kuali.org/kr-krad/uicomponents?viewId=ConfigurationTestView-Collections&methodToCall=start&formKey=a2f028a4-1d65-4c9c-a1c1-5f8d709a16fe&cacheKey=5tf61ayny3cy2onqsfdm0xhg58&pageId=Collections-SaveRow

      When any of the fields for a line changes the save button should be enabled. This works fine for the first 3 fields. However, if you go to a line with the save button disabled and change field 4 then tab out, the save button is not enabled. It seems to only enabled when one of the first three fields change.


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