OLE 1.0



  • Due:12/Nov/12

Issues: Unresolved

Key Summary Due Date
Other ZOLETEST-602 this is a test of the workflow & screen changes for an other issue using the OLE Basic Workflow 2
Other ZOLETEST-606 test of modified workflow
Enhancement ZOLETEST-608 Transfers: When conducting a transfer, if the item is being used in OLE, do not allow the transfer and show a message to the user.

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Issues: Updated recently

Key Summary Updated
Story ZOLETEST-620 A staff member retrieves a Staff Only record and edits it, and saves the record.
Story ZOLETEST-619 A staff member searches the DocStore or Describe Workbench. The results include a title/item that is staff only. The staff member is still able to click on the item to display the title in the Bib Editor and/or item in the Instance Editor.
Story ZOLETEST-618 Undo a Staff Only flag: A user UNCHECKS the Staff Only boxes on SOME BUT NOT ALL of a bibliographic record’s holdings that are marked as Staff Only, and some or all of the items of that holdings.

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