Configure - Timesheet Report

Report: Time Sheet Report

Report displaying users worked time sheet over specified period.
Start Date Pick a date
(Optional) Show worked time from this date. If not specified, last week is used.
End Date Pick a date
(Optional) Show worked time up to, and including this date. If not specified, current date is used.
(Optional) Show entries created by this user. If not specified, uses currently logged in user.
(Optional) Show entries for all users in groups (takes precedence over User)
Exclude Groups
(Optional) If user is in these groups, his or her entries will be excluded from result.
(Optional) Show entries for issues with the specified priority.
Show entries for issues in a specified project.
(Optional) Select the filter to display report on.
(Optional) Show entries for users in project role.
Show Weekends
Whether or not to show weekends on the timesheet.
Show Details
Show detailed report per users.
Month View
(Optional) Show report by week instead of default by day.
Sum Subtasks
Specify if Subtasks hours will be added to hours of its Task (make sense only if Show Details is checked)
Group by Field
(Optional) Show aggregated report by project, grouped by this fields value.
Additional Fields
(Optional) Show additionally selected fields.