Release Notes - Kuali Rice Development - Version KNS - 0.9.1 - HTML format

Bug Fix

  • [KULRICE-910] - remove allowOverride flag from dd code
  • [KULRICE-966] - Setting the require="true" for some vendor maintenace attributes is not working properly
  • [KULRICE-1029] - Some module POMs are missing the schema validation directive in the <project> tag
  • [KULRICE-1089] - Config templates for the kns module are still named as "travel-"
  • [KULRICE-1200] - Get Rice sample app working again
  • [KULRICE-1373] - Tests run against DB Schema where no EN_UNITTEST_T table exists


  • [KULRICE-537] - Look into Maintenance Lookup Issue for Tony P.
  • [KULRICE-663] - Consider putting DD dtd behind apache web server when it's ready for maven
  • [KULRICE-1109] - Setup/aquire conversion scripts for converting from old System Parameters tables and data to new System Parameters tables and data
  • [KULRICE-1114] - remove kuali_application.css and kuali_overrides.css from the rice template project
  • [KULRICE-1190] - Consolidate Rice documentation spaces into the single Rice space


  • [KULRICE-542] - organize/export
  • [KULRICE-975] - Lookups - Relative Searching Gap
  • [KULRICE-986] - Inquiry Framework - Direct Inquiry Gap
  • [KULRICE-1036] - Support Session Scope for Kuali Documents
  • [KULRICE-1084] - Extract, migrate, and extend KFS Pre-Award 'Audit Mode' functionality

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