Release Notes - Kuali Rice Development - Version 2.0.0-b1 - HTML format


  • [KULRICE-4911] - Implement version compatibility unit tests
  • [KULRICE-6016] - Clean up release notes & docbook docs for beta
  • [KULRICE-6019] - Update Database Upgrade information in Release Notes
  • [KULRICE-6035] - Create initial draft of Rice 2.0 Release Notes for beta
  • [KULRICE-6036] - Update KRMS information in Release Notes


  • [KULRICE-4301] - Improve consistency of service namespaces
  • [KULRICE-4451] - Re-examine how RiceApplicationConfigurationService is being used to resolve doc handler urls (and other variables) from across the service bus
  • [KULRICE-4589] - rename NOTIFY_EXCLUDED_USERS_IND parm to something clearer

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