Release Notes - Kuali Rice Development - Version 2.2.1 - HTML format

Bug Fix

  • [KULRICE-6296] - UnexpectedRollbackException when using breadcrumb to go back to Agenda Editor from adding a rule
  • [KULRICE-7070] - Multi-row tables not rendering correctly
  • [KULRICE-7466] - Validation messaging - user should be able to move cursor/focus into validation tooltip area
  • [KULRICE-7773] - Validation links no longer jump the user to the appropriate content
  • [KULRICE-7978] - Exception first time Uif-LinkField is displayed
  • [KULRICE-8009] - AttributesMapBuilder and DataDictionaryServiceImpl are missing hasValidationPattern and hasAttributeSecurity methods
  • [KULRICE-8079] - Errors that are added for an group id (without a header) or a property within the group are not bubbling up
  • [KULRICE-8126] - Collection control does not honor disable if disable is disabled by an expression for collection refresh
  • [KULRICE-8141] - Investigate why UifTooltipIT.testTooltip fails around jquerybubblepopup
  • [KULRICE-8165] - DataDictionarySearchableAttributeTest.testWildcardsAndMultiSelectsOnDDSearchableAttributes accountNumber's search at loop index 1 should have thrown an exception
  • [KULRICE-8166] - DictionaryValidationServiceImplTest integration tests fail, with NPE from GlobalResourceLoader.getService - config issue?
  • [KULRICE-8173] - UifBeanFactoryPostProcessorTest integration test failures Bean property 'configFileLocations' is not writable or has an invalid setter method
  • [KULRICE-8253] - For attribute for MessageField, ActionField, ImageField, readOnly InputField, and DataField are incorrect
  • [KULRICE-8293] - JDK7 Kitchen Sink links Incident Reports
  • [KULRICE-8296] - KRMS Agenda Context Lookup Return Value Incident Report NPE at org.kuali.rice.krad.web.bind.UifServletRequestDataBinder.bind(
  • [KULRICE-8357] - Rich messages for labels do not get untranslated for error display at the group level leaving the tags visible
  • [KULRICE-8364] - The messages are not getting displayed properly on the Agenda Editor
  • [KULRICE-8401] - Javascript error in the kitchen sink
  • [KULRICE-8439] - Required indicator not appearing on table headers
  • [KULRICE-8450] - Issues with overriding datatables options for columns
  • [KULRICE-8481] - BlanketApproveTest.testBlanketApproveToMultipleNodes fails in CI with Should be at blanket approved node WD4B3.
  • [KULRICE-8484] - Merge issue with dataTable options - makes options appear or default that shouldn't be
  • [KULRICE-8485] - Messages cached incorrectly in the js after arg evaluation
  • [KULRICE-8535] - beanutils issues with JDK7
  • [KULRICE-8540] - Inquiry Link does not retain history breadcrumbs in lightbox
  • [KULRICE-8544] - Travel Account Maintenance (New) Document: Account Number issues
  • [KULRICE-8567] - Text in the pdf is going beyond the margins of the page
  • [KULRICE-8576] - All Service Bus screens are scrunched up
  • [KULRICE-8577] - Cache Manager: Intended Message not found
  • [KULRICE-8584] - Going back to a lookup from an inquiry with breadcrumbs throws exception
  • [KULRICE-8600] - KRMS Agenda Submit then Cancel causes Incident Report
  • [KULRICE-8620] - NPE when trying to load directories of BOs via ModuleConfiguration
  • [KULRICE-8645] - Issues when saving a role document, opening it, and and then trying to submit it.
  • [KULRICE-8672] - Address version compatibility issue with ActionItemType
  • [KULRICE-8722] - Sections may sometimes throw an error during messageTotal display processing
  • [KULRICE-8736] - Address version compatibility issue with DocumentSearchCriteria
  • [KULRICE-8772] - Readonly flag no longer working in 2.2.0 final
  • [KULRICE-8773] - Bug in NaturalLanguageTemplateBoServiceImpl
  • [KULRICE-8776] - When p:refreshWhenChangedPropertyNames is triggered the uif-boxLayoutHorizontalItem css gets lost...
  • [KULRICE-8778] - CaseConstraint adding unnecessary/erroneous setupShowReqIndicatorChecks
  • [KULRICE-8841] - Bad description of Rice in "Introduction to Kuali Rice 2.2.0" document
  • [KULRICE-8938] - problem with dropbox progressive disclosure in a lightbox
  • [KULRICE-8948] - Properties on collection items not getting expressions processed before build line
  • [KULRICE-8963] - "Field or property 'readOnly' cannot be found on null" error when creating a new people flow
  • [KULRICE-8969] - InquiryTest .testBuildInquiryUrl_relatedClass fails InquiryLink's href should not be null
  • [KULRICE-8985] - Add Index to prevent deadlocks during deletion of KSB entries
  • [KULRICE-9000] - guest principal and entity were stripped from the server bootstrap dataset
  • [KULRICE-9001] - Rice 2.2.0 database upgrade scripts omitted 2.1.2 changes
  • [KULRICE-9002] - Illegal Argument Exception on KIM Person w/Phone Number in Invalid Format
  • [KULRICE-9006] - 2.2.1 KIMServiceLocatorInternalTest.testGetKimTypeService_KimType expected:DataDictionaryTypeServiceBase but was:class $Proxy141
  • [KULRICE-9010] - Fix silly NPE in KualiHttpSessionListener


  • [KULRICE-6286] - Create HTML lists from simple String list property values
  • [KULRICE-6785] - Resolve WARN org.springframework.beans.ExtendedBeanInfo - Component.setComponentSecurity(org.kuali.rice.krad.uif.component.ComponentSecurity)] for property [componentSecurity].
  • [KULRICE-7952] - Add support for ajax retrieval of detail content
  • [KULRICE-8413] - Make Uif-MultiSelectControl size=4 by default
  • [KULRICE-8419] - Add a default max-height for auto-suggest to avoid infinite height
  • [KULRICE-8454] - External messages can not be used with inline expression
  • [KULRICE-8527] - KNS Theme - Styling on Old/New header
  • [KULRICE-8529] - KNS Theme - Horizontal tabs updates

New Feature

  • [KULRICE-7649] - Change action used for Details to user definable - requires a new Action with a toggle
  • [KULRICE-7650] - Collection table details, ajax retrieval option
  • [KULRICE-8670] - Accordion and List layout/groups/widget


Sub Task

  • [KULRICE-6744] - Document the UI Framework - View-only Access without Authenticating

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