Release Notes - Kuali Rice Development - Version 2.1.4 - HTML format

Bug Fix

  • [KULRICE-8538] - Responsibility Required routing flag not working unless responsibility defined for exact document
  • [KULRICE-8644] - When trying to copy certain permissions, doc gets stuck 'Enroute'
  • [KULRICE-8674] - RouteManagerException: PostProcessor failed to process document
  • [KULRICE-8857] - Permission doc says the max length of the Permission Name is 40 characters but KFS has existing values that exceed that
  • [KULRICE-8944] - Exception when assigning roles, and when adding entity affiliation through maintenance screens
  • [KULRICE-8968] - PeopleFlow Maintenance Document - Unable to set ApprovePolicy when PeopleFlow Member is of type Group
  • [KULRICE-8972] - Role Service does not include AttributeTransform for QueryByCriteria calls
  • [KULRICE-8993] - KewWsdlCompatibilityTest.compareKewApiWsdls Detected 3 VC Breakages
  • [KULRICE-9007] - RoleMemberBo.groovy prevents replacement of KIM services
  • [KULRICE-9029] - Bug in PeopleFlowMaintainableImpl retrieveTypeAttributes method
  • [KULRICE-9044] - KRAD "stacked" collection elements are not rendering add/delete buttons
  • [KULRICE-9047] - Term maintenance freemarker exception
  • [KULRICE-9062] - Action list id links result in 404 or NPE
  • [KULRICE-9081] - Stack trace while doing wilcard searches in role lookup while adding role member delegate
  • [KULRICE-9085] - TermSpecification throws an exception during save/routing
  • [KULRICE-9092] - Bug is RoleDaoOjb
  • [KULRICE-9094] - TermBoServiceImpl fails to populate TermSpecificationDefinition.contextIds on retrieval
  • [KULRICE-9095] - KRAD Error messages in section not displayed correctly
  • [KULRICE-9096] - Message after initial save prevents additional saves/routing
  • [KULRICE-9097] - Don't display the common section on KRMS Term and TermSpecification maintenance documents
  • [KULRICE-9106] - Bug in PeopleFlowInquirableImpl retrieveTypeAttributes method
  • [KULRICE-9146] - SuperUserAction tab does not load when using custom DocumentTypeAuthorizer implementation in embedded mode
  • [KULRICE-9162] - Role document broken when adding responsibilities
  • [KULRICE-9165] - Person document not displaying role qualifiers
  • [KULRICE-9169] - Bug in UiDocumentServiceImpl
  • [KULRICE-9186] - Changes for KULRICE-7626 broke Term Specification maintenence document
  • [KULRICE-9199] - Unable to inactivate roles of type unitHierarchy or unit from person maintenance docs


  • [KULRICE-8839] - KIM services need to be @Transactional
  • [KULRICE-8847] - Role lookups slow when there are over 200 roles


  • [KULRICE-8698] - Update TRG documentation to reference maven instead of groovy when creating new Rice applications
  • [KULRICE-8817] - QuickStartTest.test_quickstart_gen_clean_install_int_tests flaps about 1 in 5 fails
  • [KULRICE-8959] - Investigate if column indices can be added to further improve the performance of getRoleMemberPrincipalId()
  • [KULRICE-8996] - Display Term Specification description when it displays in the Term list box while creating propositions for a rule.
  • [KULRICE-9019] - Like to have a way to fetch all valid TermSpecifications for a context
  • [KULRICE-9084] - Run the following SQL against the master database
  • [KULRICE-9111] - manual testing for blue team devs
  • [KULRICE-9147] - Toggling the show/hide active button on collections causes an exception
  • [KULRICE-9148] - Disable SessionDocumentService in the KNS
  • [KULRICE-9151] - Document in the guide on clustering that session failover should be implemented for full reliability
  • [KULRICE-9160] - Rice 2.1.4 Release Notes
  • [KULRICE-9181] - Fix up the client dataset cleanup scripts
  • [KULRICE-9210] - Add note in IG on how to configure Rice without KRAD (KNS only)
  • [KULRICE-9221] - Invalid bean name "matchAllTxInterceptor" for KIM Remote mode
  • [KULRICE-9231] - Add striping to the tables for easier readibility

Sub Task

  • [KULRICE-9043] - Add information on portal resizing configuration to the IG

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