Release Notes - Kuali Rice Development - Version 2.6 - HTML format

New Feature

  • [KULRICE-4416] - Need a way to view a person, group or roles permissions and responsibilities and their sources
  • [KULRICE-4494] - Integrate Document Search security with KIM
  • [KULRICE-10662] - Maintenance locking keys should default to primary keys if not defined


  • [KULRICE-3769] - Active flag criteria missing from Permission and Responsibility lookup
  • [KULRICE-4821] - Enhancement to Include Submitted Documents in Initiator's Outbox


  • [KULRICE-833] - Implement a Split Node which operates using XPath
  • [KULRICE-4000] - In Role edit screen, make it so that "add permission" / "add responsibility" form widgets don't show up unless the user has permisison
  • [KULRICE-4285] - Allow rules to be routed to Groups with "All" approve policy
  • [KULRICE-4557] - change namespace dropdown to a lookup
  • [KULRICE-4591] - Allow capture of Province for non-US addresses in KIM person table
  • [KULRICE-10935] - Datatable pagination should not appear if there aren't enough items to paginate

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