Release Notes - Kuali Mobility - Version 3.3 - HTML format

Bug Fix

  • [MOBILITY-710] - BUG - Events tool does not re-initialize if entered from an external website
  • [MOBILITY-711] - BUG - News tool loads a blank page if users navigate back from the full article.
  • [MOBILITY-717] - Event detail loads to the middle of a page instead of at the top
  • [MOBILITY-720] - Dev - fix the bug on academics index.jsp
  • [MOBILITY-721] - DEV - Fix duplicated data load method call.


  • [MOBILITY-159] - DOC Best practices for managing institutional and kuali source concurrently
  • [MOBILITY-169] - DEV Calendaring
  • [MOBILITY-171] - DOC Including External tools in your KME Instance
  • [MOBILITY-172] - DEV Provide for inheritable tool configuration
  • [MOBILITY-183] - DEV Create navigation that will allow the grouping of tools
  • [MOBILITY-190] - DEV Provide the data model and sample data for the PeopleSoft provided web services
  • [MOBILITY-367] - DEV - Improve the unit test coverage of the security libraries
  • [MOBILITY-384] - DEV - Provide an implementation of UserDao that supports LDAP as a datasource
  • [MOBILITY-385] - DEV - Provide an implementation of GroupDao that supports LDAP as a datasource
  • [MOBILITY-387] - DEV - Implement feedback loop for Apple PNS to remove dead devices
  • [MOBILITY-471] - DEV - Create a preferences/settings page that can dynamically include tool preferences
  • [MOBILITY-489] - DEV - Refactor Grade Alert Push Notifications for iOS to send in batches instead of one at a time
  • [MOBILITY-500] - DOC - Write document for Upgrade from 2.4 to 3.0
  • [MOBILITY-501] - DOC - Write/update document for Implementation steps for Mobility 3.0
  • [MOBILITY-531] - DEV - Update the people tool to include the "exact match" functionality that exists in 2.4
  • [MOBILITY-554] - DEV - Add the ability for news articles to display content in page when tapped
  • [MOBILITY-556] - DEV - Implement HTML5 application cache update notification on v3.0 home screen
  • [MOBILITY-557] - DEV - Add the ability to save user preferences
  • [MOBILITY-570] - Incident Reporting Tool (Part 2)
  • [MOBILITY-632] - Work with Kuali DevOps to get nightly builds deployed to a server
  • [MOBILITY-634] - DEV - Assemble a test drive iOS shim app for the Kuali Test Drive
  • [MOBILITY-635] - DEV - create an android shim app for the kuali mobile test drive
  • [MOBILITY-654] - Collapse phone keyboard when pressing "Go" to initiate a search
  • [MOBILITY-659] - List group item > (next page icon) should appear vertically aligned with text - it isn't
  • [MOBILITY-665] - Display subgroups in a group directory listing and make subgroup clickable
  • [MOBILITY-667] - DEV - Create an interface to administer Tool definitions
  • [MOBILITY-668] - DEV - Create an interface to administer the home screens for the app
  • [MOBILITY-670] - DEV - Update Preferences infrastructure
  • [MOBILITY-671] - DEV - Create a web interface for managing tool definitions
  • [MOBILITY-677] - DEV - Implement the search by date range feature in the events tool
  • [MOBILITY-678] - DEV - Secure all administrative content within the admin tool
  • [MOBILITY-681] - DEV - Add the ability to search news stories.
  • [MOBILITY-698] - DEV - Update @author javadoc to point to
  • [MOBILITY-704] - CLONE - DEV - Add the ability to save user preferences
  • [MOBILITY-712] - Dev - Modify the events tool to save module state and reload it when needed.

Sub Task

  • [MOBILITY-177] - DOC Document how to transition from the quick start to your own implementation
  • [MOBILITY-633] - DEV - Create a completely self contained quick start bundle

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