[KFSOLD-23383] CAMS - NPE when initiating Asset Manual Payment Document Created: 03/May/13  Updated: 07/Apr/15

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Capital Asset Management
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When initiating the manual asset payment document, the form is trying to retrieve the document from the session but if the session is disabled or document number is null then it will throw an null pointer exception. It may not be a problem at foundation but at UMD we are using rice 2.2.3 and we are seeing this NPE behavior.

Comment by Boyd Shumaker (Inactive) [ 20/May/13 ]

I can't reproduce this, however, I don't have an enviroment running rice 2.2.3. Possibly this will be needed in the future but right now, I'm not sure there is anything to fix.

Comment by Muddu Salem [ 20/May/13 ]


You are right about rice 2.2.3 or sessions support removed in an institute implementation. Code tries to retrieve MPAY document from a session and it will throw NPE if sessions are disabled. My understanding is that sessions support will be removed in rice 2.2.3

Comment by Shyam Gedela [ 20/May/13 ]


What does disabling session support mean? I am assuming you mean KRNS Session support (KRNS_SESN_DOC_T). Can you point us to a JIRA for this? Do you know if this is being done i Rice for performance reasons or to support functionality?


Comment by Muddu Salem [ 20/May/13 ]

Hi Shyam,

The UMD rice group told us that in rice 2.2.3, session support will be removed because of performance issues. I believe the rice group talked to Jonathan and my understanding is that he confirmed that.


Comment by Muddu Salem [ 20/May/13 ]

I checked my emails and found that Scott informed that Session Document Service was first removed in 2.3, but put back back because of some other issues, but is still slated to be removed.

Comment by Bryan Hutchinson [ 20/May/13 ]


I linked some Rice JIRAs that I think are related.

KULRICE-9148 - Rice JIRA for disabling the session document service in Rice 2.1.3/2.2.2
KULRICE-9358 - Rice JIRA to put at least some of that functionality back in Rice 2.1.6/2.2.4 because of unintended side-effects.
KULRICE-9380 - Rice JIRA for related future refactoring currently in 2.3-backlog

Here's also a link to KTI meeting minutes where this was discussed: https://wiki.kuali.org/x/IB1UEw

I'm wondering if you ran up against one of the unintended side-effects of the original change at UMD and if upgrading to Rice 2.2.4 (or pulling in the related fix to your 2.2.3) would address it?

I don't think there is currently anything for us to do in KFS since the issues we originally found have been corrected, the important functionality was put back, and we don't have any plans to move KFS to the 2.2.x Rice line. We're on 2.1.6 and plan to stay on the 2.1.x line until we move to KRAD with 2.4.


Comment by Muddu Salem [ 20/May/13 ]

Thanks, Bryan. I will look into the related rice jiras. I should mention that the NPE issue is not a problem with foundation code on int and we tested and confirmed that it works correctly there. If session document server ever removed then we need to refactor the code in KFS to fix the NPE issue

Comment by Bryan Hutchinson [ 21/May/13 ]


Given that, I think this contribution should be cancelled, and the linked KFSMI JIRA should be closed as "won't fix". If/when Rice makes more changes related to the session document service in a version we're using for KFS, we'll keep an eye out for the NPE you saw.


Comment by Muddu Salem [ 21/May/13 ]

This issue will be revisited when rice 2.2 removes session document service support.

Comment by Theresa Cain [ 10/Jan/14 ]

IU contribution KFSCNTRB-1809 will fix this for the foundation.

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